Providing employment contracts in social media

Currently, most of us have our accounts in social media – on Facebook and other websites, such as Twitter, to mention some of them. Mostly, we share our private information in them and publish photos. Unfortunately, not always activity on social media can get us healthy.

Data shared by us in social media has a very high value and we often do not realize it ourselves. When we fill out our profile with information about our place of residence or current stay, interests, plans, education, then this data can be used for marketing purposes. We can find out about it by watching advertisements addressed to us – people with other places of residence or interests will receive a different advertising message.

However, this is not the only consequence of publishing private data on Facebook and other social media. When we share sensitive information, for example, we will publish a photo of your proof of payment or credit card, the data contained on them may be illegally used. Someone can then clear our account while shopping at our expense, he can also take out a loan. We should, therefore, be careful in publishing such information online. This also applies to all types of contracts, including employment contracts.

Why should you keep your employment contract for yourself?


Many people who have a contract for the first time want to show off to others. Then the photos of the contract usually go to social media. However, let us remember that the dan contained in them are sensitive data that should not be published on the web.

This applies mainly to information such as PESEL, series and ID card number, the validity of the ID card. This data can be used just like an ID card – to take a loan, to enter into other contracts in our name. Also, the employer may not wish to publish information about him, therefore it is simply better to leave the contract in his drawer, and if we want to show off to others, we can simply take pictures of the header itself with the word “contract of employment” and the date and place of the conclusion agreement. Then we will not provide any sensitive data.

Are you on social media? The employer can check you


Udostępnianie umów o pracę w mediach społecznościowych


It is also worth pointing out that employers also use social media and often use them to control employees or to check job candidates. There were cases that the employer dismissed an employee who in his opinion had no positive influence on the company’s image, for example by publishing obscene photographs.

Today, as more and more of us use social media, employers also introduce their own “Codes of good practice” or “Social Media Usage Policy “, which contain tips on how employees should behave in order not to expose the image of their employer to compromised.