The important thing you should know when applying for a loan

There are key factors that can make the big difference when applying for a loan. To avoid making an erroneous decision, in this article we will tell you about the important points you should consider.

Unfortunately, in Mexico, there are many cases of people who have been deceived by supposedly credit institutions that offer great benefits but request “advances” so that they can grant you a loan.

Do not trust those who assure you that you give a payroll loan and do not have a formal agreement with the government institution for which you work.   Many times they offer you very high amounts with extremely low-interest rates.  

As in life, miracle solutions, unfortunately, do not exist, so having distrust is a healthy practice to avoid being a victim of a ghost company.

Laws and regulatory institutions like CONDUSEF are working hard to prevent you from being scammed.   To avoid risks you should analyze the following:

The reliability of a financial institution is shown when:

  1. Investigate your reputation and strength.   Due to the initiatives to avoid cheating and fraud, the Bureau of Financial Institutions was created, which is operated by the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF).   In this Bureau of Financial Institutions, you will be able to know how the financial institution has performed, its products, fees and commissions, its good practices as well as whether it has been sanctioned for complaints or bad practices.   The bureau reveals who is who in the credit institutions and you can check it at This is an excellent consulting tool for you to verify the reputation and strength of the institution that is offering you the credit.
  2. To have a double verification, you can also go to where you can find relevant information on a variety of financial institutions, whether banks, insurers, exchange houses, brokerage houses, financial leasing, fund managers for retirement, investment companies, savings and loan societies, etc. This site will reveal the actions and programs that Condusef has to avoid being a victim of identity theft and find everything you need to take care of your money and personal finances.

Some people say that another characteristic of ghost companies is that they promise very fast loans without consulting your credit bureau, but these should not be fundamental elements for classifying a company as “not serious”.

At CitrusNorth we are aware that the daily needs of money do not wait and above all, if you need the money for an eventuality or emergency, so the speed of service is a great advantage we have.

Nowadays, you can complete the process as fast as a phone call and study the documents that we request you can send them by email or express messaging, with this we assure you that the process is very simple and fast for response to your needs.

If you have any questions or want to check the reliability and service of Credifiel we will be attentive, it will be a great pleasure to receive you and together we can show you the extraordinary experience that is to have Credifiel support.